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We have carefully selected the best juicing machines on the market. We prefer cold-press, masticating juicers as they create nutritious 'living' juices. Centrifugal juicers tend to oxidise the juice, destroying valuable enzymes. 

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The NEW BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer has the largest feeding chute on the market. This eliminates the need for cutting up the fruit and veg, resulting in much faster juicing.
The BioChef Synergy Slow Juicer is a great all-rounder designed to fit into any kitchen. It is sleek, modern and embodies all of the qualities you want in a juicer.
Smallest footprint of all vertical cold press juicers. Great if you have limited counter space.
This 2nd generation Hurom Juicer uses the latest in juicing technology. It produces healthier, tastier juice and a higher yield.
Premium design with stainless steel body - 2nd generation Hurom Juicer using the latest in juicing technology.
Also referred to as the Hurom HU-500 Juicer in some markets. Superior to most other juicers in this price range.
Award winning design & superior performance from an affordable cold press juicer.
Multipurpose "6 in 1" Samson Juice Extractor. One of the original horizontal single auger juicers.
Single auger technology is particularly effective with leafy greens and grasses, but can also juice most other fruits and vegetables.
The latest single auger masticating juicer boasting two step juicing technology
Our best selling juicer. It will give you a slightly better yield than the DA900 and has a longer warranty.
The new Green Star Juicer - designed to maximize yield and nutritional value with jumbo twin gears.