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Wheatgrass with apple & lemon

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  • Ready in: 5 minutes
  • Serves: 2
  • Complexity: very easy
Wheatgrass with apple & lemon


  • 1 Tray of wheatgrass, 1 granny smith apple, juice of half a small lemon


  1. Juice all ingredients, serve promptly with ice. It is best to alternate between different ingredients. Add a little wheatgrass, then a bit of apple, then some more wheatgrass. 

    Make sure that your juicers pressure adjustment setting is not too high. I juice wheatgrass on either pressure  setting 2 or 3. 



Health Benefits

Wheatgrass juice is nature’s finest medicine

According to the Hippocrates Institute, two ounces of wheatgrass juice has the nutritional equivalent of five pounds of the best raw organic vegetables

Wheatgrass has a powerful detoxyfiying action in the liver and the blood.

Among other things wheatgrass juice is particularly high in chlorophyll. Wheatgrass cleanses and builds the blood due to its high content of chlorophyll.

Pectin in the apple, together with the lemon help to open up and flush out the bile ducts, further assisting with detoxification. 

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