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03 August 2012


When I was growing up in the ‘60s, my dad (whom I’ve since realised was ahead of his time in many ways) got into juicing. He loved German engineering, and bought a state-of-the-art Braun juicer, which must have been !

A quick price comparison led me to EcoHub’s welcoming and informative website, and their friendly and efficient handling of my on-line order put my mind at rest that I’d chosen the right company.

Three days was all it took for the courier company to deliver the parcel (at no extra charge).

My husband was so amused that some, and he’s turned lunchtime into a calming ritual of peeling, chopping, and finally watching the next deliciously cleansing and energising cocktail drip from his superbly engineered press. More good news is that Oscar is very easy to wash and re-assemble.

One tip though ... if you have a worm bin, make sure to add lots of moistened newspaper strips with the pulp; otherwise your worms will soon be drunk and disorderly from all the generous helpings of fermenting fruit pulp you start feeding them! Alice

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